What We Do

DDP Projects helps everyday Australians create lasting financial freedom using property to step out of the daily rut.
With over a 1800 properties purchased for our clients, led by our Founder Zaki Ameer known for purchasing 15 properties within 3 years.
At DDP Projects, every single day we are giving more and more Australians this power.
Save time money and stress.
Our in-house team of specialists can literally take care of the entire process. From finding the right property to renovating and even property management.
Don’t waste another moment of your time dealing with endless contractors
Let us find the investment properties for you
We handle building, pest and other inspections and checks
We plan, manage and carry out renovation works
We create a plan and then follow it to literally grow your property portfolio
Stop spending every moment of your spare time searching for property
You approve what we do every step of the way so you get control without the effort

Why Choose Us

Buy a better car and/or get the car of their dreams… and many say they got a boat too?

Retire from paid employment and take up volunteer work or pursue a sport or a hobby

Learn more about the property process to one day become a property developer